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5 fintechs to watch in the Middle East

The financial services sector in the Middle East has seen a surge in both innovation and investment in recent years, showing signs that 2024 will be a big year ...

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Report — Retail banking

3 ways community banks can win the day

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The future of AI in finance doesn't look like ChatGPT

The AI revolution is reshaping financial services with the force of a category-five hurricane. The seismic shifts it’s creating are palpable, with generative AI...

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Article — Retail banking

Fintech will unlock the true essence of Islamic finance

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11:FS Pulse Report 2024

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Article — Payments

PSD3 is an innovation red herring

It’s not often that we see regulation pre-empting innovation – rarer still to see it drive innovation forward.

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What does legacy really mean?

We’re now a week on from one of the most exciting events of the year for us; the 11:FS Awards. It’s the one (and only) time we get dressed up snazzy and come to...

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