Designers are not the centre of the universe

Designers can all too easily think design is at the centre of the universe. Perhaps sometimes it can be a self-indulgent activity where it's no longer design fo...

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How has software evolution influenced banking? - Decoding: Banks

The invention of the computer revolutionised banking in the 1950s.

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Article — Business banking

Banking as a Service accelerates Open Banking adoption

This article was originally published in The Paypers’ ‘Open Banking Report 2021: Open Finance and the Race for Relevance and New Business Models in Banking'.

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Article — Business banking

Why is it so hard for FS companies to get tech right?

Getting tech right in banks is hard. At 11:FS we get this because our experts have worked in some of the biggest financial services institutions and experience...

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Episode 551

Podcast — Fintech Insider

Insights: Can you teach a banker to code?

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Building a bank? Here’s why you should use Kotlin

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Article — Business banking

Why we decided to build an operating system

Up until recently, if you wanted to launch a financial product, you either had to work directly with the deep financial infrastructure yourself or use a core ba...

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