Article — Investment management

It's time for community investing to go mainstream

If I’d told you six months ago that you could guarantee an affordable electricity supply for your home, you wouldn’t have cared.

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Article — Business banking

Forget agile, ethics is the new battleground

I was once told by a very senior guy at a global bank that my attempts to create impact were ‘a bit socialist’. This statement represents an inter-generational ...

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Social media is not the answer to building your community

When brands decide it’s time to build their community, they dive straight onto social media. It makes sense right? Social media gives you a platform to instantl...

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Article — Retail banking

Summary: The FCA’s feedback on the Open Finance CFI

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Could femtech be better at solving banking problems than fintech?

“Money is a matter of functions four: a medium, a measure, a standard, a store.”But, money is also a form of communication. Money has the power to communicate s...

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