Report — Payments

How to build a bank

Fintech product experiences: looking back and thinking forwards

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Article — Business banking

Forget agile, ethics is the new battleground

I was once told by a very senior guy at a global bank that my attempts to create impact were ‘a bit socialist’. This statement represents an inter-generational ...

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Article — Retail banking

Summary: The FCA’s feedback on the Open Finance CFI

The FCA have just published their feedback to the Call For Input (CFI) on open finance. Over 160 organisations responded to the call, the results of which are b...

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How Middle Eastern banks can embrace the full potential of digital

There’s been no shortage of attention paid to the emergence of fintech in the Middle East recently. In fact, we wrote about the ‘perfect storm’ that was brewing...

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Becoming truly digital requires organisational culture change - here’s how to do it

Nearly a year ago now (how time flies during a global pandemic) we wrote that there’s never been a more important time to be truly digital. Little did we know t...

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Product teams: the secret to fintechs’ success?

As the saying goes, “success breeds success”. And one of the things that’s interesting in our industry is the alumni of fintechs going on to do great things. It...

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