How the Jobs to be Done theory is being applied across finance.


Stop obsessing over your competitors and get back to your customers

When launching a new product or improving an existing one, it's tempting for product teams to look at competitors as a starting point. But if the goal is to lau...

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Stop mistaking clever features for intelligent services

One of the biggest challenges when building new digital financial services is creating a winning feature set. Spending categorisation, budgeting tools, carbon f...

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Article — Investment management

Product managers have the tools to fix ESG investing

Recently, Nick Miller, Senior Ventures Strategist at 11:FS, published an article on why ESG investing is broken. If you haven't already, go and give it a read b...

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What is inclusive design? 11:FS Explores

Inclusive design is a mindset and a process that suggests that you should bring as many people as possible - and the most diverse of voices that you can - into ...

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Article — Retail banking

What's hot in Southeast Asian digital banking?

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