11:FS Pulse Report 2022

The best product experiences and hottest trends in fintech, revealed

What do the best user journeys in financial services look like? And which fintech trends will shape the product experience in 2022?

In the first annual 11:FS Pulse report, we review the best user experiences of 2021. And we hear about the trends set to shape FS in 2022 from experts at leading fintechs like Plaid, Starling and Crowdcube.

What will you learn in this report?

The best customer experiences of 2021 image

The best customer experiences of 2021

We dive into the Pulse library to showcase standout user experiences with the Pulse Awards.

Insights from industry experts image

Insights from industry experts

We ask Elevens, and some of our friends in the wider industry, for their thoughts on everything fintech.

Key trends shaping product experiences in 2022 image

Key trends shaping product experiences in 2022

What does 2022 have in store? We identify trends to watch out for, and how they might shape product decisions in the coming months.

We’re showcasing the best of the best in the Pulse library, as well as taking a look back over a uniquely hopeful yet challenging year, with predictions on what might be around the corner for us and our industry.

Lindsey Kistler

Product Director, 11:FS Pulse

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