11:FS homebuying report

How to use digital partnerships to address homebuyers' Jobs to be Done

Buying a home is the biggest and most significant purchase most people make in their lifetime. And it doesn’t matter where in the world you’re buying, the process is rarely easy.

In our latest report, experts from our 11:FS Ventures team look at the massive commercial opportunity for businesses worldwide and dig deeper into why the industry has been so slow to innovate.

Inside the report

Homebuying is broken image

Homebuying is broken

From navigating industry jargon and picking the perfect property to juggling third-party providers and managing rising costs, homebuyers have a mountain to climb before being handed keys.

It's time to fix it image

It's time to fix it

New entrants are delivering better outcomes for customers at key points in the journey and digital technologies are making it easier for companies to partner to serve homebuyers’ needs.

Partner to serve more customers' JTBD image

Partner to serve more customers' JTBD

No company can solve homebuying alone. Instead, companies need to partner with adjacent businesses to simplify and accelerate the homebuying process.

The authors

Benjamin Ensor photo

Benjamin Ensor

Research Director

A Fintech Insider regular, Benjamin has more than 20 years' experience advising global FS firms about customer behaviour, market dynamics, and the impact of digital technology on business strategy.

Kate Moody photo

Kate Moody

Global Strategy Director

When she's not hosting our Fintech Insider podcast, Kate is applying Jobs To Be Done theory through mixed methodology research to define, build and launch the next generation of truly digital services.

Olly Robinson photo

Olly Robinson

Principal Customer Strategist

Olly is a Principal Customer Strategist with extensive experience in applying human understanding to innovation strategy.

There’s a reason this is the last frontier that nobody has attempted to disrupt before: it’s very complex. There is a property, a borrower, and a lot of conduct rules.

Francesca Carlesi

Co-Founder and CEO, Molo Finance

We don't just talk the talk. Let's fix the homebuying problem, together.

Our 11:FS Ventures team helps businesses around the world build digital strategies and loveable products.

Whether you're launching a new homebuying proposition, looking to streamline it's UX or just explore the space, our team of experts are here to help.

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