Building financial services for everyone

Inclusive design is not just accessibility 2.0

Stop designing for the 'average user' - they don't exist.

To create a more inclusive future, it's critical that we design products and services that cater to as many people as possible.

That means thinking about the needs of a diverse group, and involving those people in the design process.

In this report, we'll give you the insight to create a more inclusive future for everyone.

How we break it down

Split into six sections, the report focuses on different aspects of inclusivity.

Designing for belonging image

Designing for belonging

Identities are complex and representation is more than ticking a box.

Designing for positive mental health image

Designing for positive mental health

Dealing with money is stressful. Take the initiative and remove unnecessary anxiety from your product.

Designing for neurodiversity image

Designing for neurodiversity

It's time for FS to recognise and design for those with neurological differences.

Designing for people with physical impairments image

Designing for people with physical impairments

Building for people with a range of disabilities will open your product up to a wider audience.

Putting people first image

Putting people first

How to prioritise the people using your products and treat them with compassion and respect.

How to do this in your organisation image

How to do this in your organisation

Take action and enact the changes you want to see.

The inclusive design toolkit

Alongside the report, we've put together three essential and actionable documents to help you design a more inclusive financial future for everyone.

Take a deep dive into inclusive design

We've got plenty of content to give you the full picture.


What is inclusive design? 11:FS Explores

Inclusive design is a mindset and a process that suggests that you should bring as many people as possible - and the most diverse of voices that you can - into ...

6min watch

The authors

Charlotte Fereday photo

Charlotte Fereday

Product Director

"I joined 11:FS to help make financial services more inclusive, because access to affordable, useable and well-designed financial products is critical to building a more human future."

Ali MacManus photo

Ali MacManus

Lead Designer

"Designing for everyone makes the overall product more accessible, usable and affordable, which is exactly what we need in financial services."

Rachel Pandyan photo

Rachel Pandyan

Product Lead, 11:FS Ventures

"People need to see themselves reflected in the products and services they use, or they won't engage with them. Inclusive design is what I got into product for."

Catalina Munteanu photo

Catalina Munteanu

Engineering Manager

"As a technologist you always build to change the world, building something that was well thought and designed inclusively is not harder or more expensive, but it does help us all."

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