641. Insights: What does 'financial inclusion' actually mean?

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641. Insights: What does 'financial inclusion' actually mean?

Gwera Kiwana is joined by some great guests, from Spiralem, Observer Research Foundation and Jipay, to discuss the merits and challenges of financial inclusion.

Our expert host, Gwera Kiwana, is joined by some great guests to ask: 'What actually is financial inclusion?'

It has become a catch-all for financial services looking to engage with communities and markets that have not been traditionally connected to the financial grid.

But while much good has been done under the umbrella of financial inclusion - is it time to rethink the term? Is it helpful? And should we be pushing people towards banking systems that weren’t designed for them?

This week's guests include:

  • Bruno DIniz, Co-founder, Spiralem
  • Sunaina Kumar, Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation
  • Dayana Yermolayeva, CEO & Co-founder, JiPay

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Special Guests: Bruno DIniz, Dayana Yermolayeva, and Sunaina Kumar.