639. How do we make financial services more LGBTQ-inclusive?

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639. How do we make financial services more LGBTQ-inclusive?

Benjamin Ensor is joined by some great guests, from 11:FS, Queer Money Podcast, Emerald Life, and Euphoria, to discuss the issues faced by the LGBTQ community when it comes to financial services.

Our expert hosts, Benjamin Ensor, is joined by some great guests to ask: “how do we make financial services LGBTQ inclusive?”

To mark this year’s Pride month, but also hopefully creating a conversation relevant at any time, we’re asking: what issues has the LGBTQ community faced and continues to face when it comes to financial services? What solutions are being found? And what could the future hold?

This week's guests include:

  • Charlotte Fereday, Product Director, 11:FS
  • David Auten, Co-host, Queer Money Podcast
  • Steve Wardlaw, Chairman, Emerald Life
  • Kate Anthony, CEO, Euphoria

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Special Guests: Charlotte Fereday, David Auten, Kate Anthony, and Steve Wardlaw.