Why banks should be cloud based

Using cloud to compete in the new landscape

Customer expectations are changing. Banks need to evolve to stay relevant.

They need to adopt a cloud-first approach. Moving to the cloud will unlock a world of new opportunities and the ability to respond to the market even faster.

Our new report, in association with nCino, explores why moving to the cloud is the smartest move, and how to get started.

The benefits of cloud

Move at pace image

Move at pace

Respond to the market faster. Getting products to market quicker can give you the upper hand.

Partner with specialists image

Partner with specialists

Cloud makes it easier to integrate with third parties, helping you make the most of specialist providers.

Greater alignment image

Greater alignment

Having a holistic view across business units is easier with cloud.

We also realised that these cloud technologies, when you look at them with a broader spectrum, are cheaper to implement, cheaper to maintain and cheaper to grow.

Juan Jiménez Zaballos

Head of Financial Digital Transformation, Santander Group

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