Banking as a Service: the future of financial services

Here you'll find resources to help you understand what Banking as a Service (BaaS) means for your business, and how to sell the need for a BaaS strategy internally.

Report | Better banking business models: embedded finance and the path to growth

Traditional banking business models are outdated and costly. So how can banks adopt a better model that sets them up for growth? Our new report outlines how banks can play a pivotal role in the BaaS ecosystem and successfully compete with leading fintechs.

Report | Banking as a Service: reimagining financial services with modular banking

A simple, no BS explanation of the complex BaaS ecosystem. Find out everything you need to know - from what BaaS is, to who's already doing it and how it could benefit your business.

Banking as a Service is only 1% finished

The opportunities are endless

The foundations of financial services are shifting, so banks must shift too if they want to stay in the race. Grasp the opportunity now to start seeing greater returns as a result.

Embedded finance

The demand for embedded finance is growing - as is the ecosystem around it. Join the BaaS ecosystem now to open the doors to new revenue streams and operating models.

Platform businesses

Platform business models significantly outperform other businesses and are steadily becoming the preferred distribution channel for financial services.

Higher returns

Banks that have already embraced BaaS are seeing 2-3x above market return on equity. Their ability to enable embedded finance strengthens their financial position.

Decoding: Banking as a Service

Get inside the minds of some of the industry's biggest changemakers to fully understand the impact BaaS can, and will, have on the financial services industry.

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