Insurtech Insider Episode 25: Art Insurance

32min listen

Insurtech Insider Episode 25: Art Insurance

On the latest episode of Insurtech Insider, Sarah sits down with James Garthwaite and Luke Mullett to discuss all things Art Insurance.

Sarah is back hosting this week, joined by guests: James Garthwaite, Underwriter in Art and Private Clients at Hiscox UK and Ireland, and Luke Mullett, Account Executive for Commercial and Private Fine Art at CBC UK.

We kick things off with a roundtable discussion on what the market is, looking at what it covers and how expansive the range of objects is. Why art insurance is so different from the rest of the insurance world, what art's insured against, the biggest risks to art and how transportation has an impact on insurance. We also discuss how tech is transforming the art insurance industry and the problems in the sector that insurtech has a shot at solving.

This episode of Insurtech Insider was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guests: James Garthwaite and Luke Mullett.