Insurtech Insider Episode 23: Catastrophe Insurance

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Insurtech Insider Episode 23: Catastrophe Insurance

On the latest episode of Insurtech Insider, Sarah and Nigel sit down with Emil Pfeiffer and Oliver Ralph. Sarah also has two great interviews with Jason Futers and Barney Schauble to get a bit more insight.

Sarah Kocianski is back hosting with Nigel Walsh this week, they're joined by guests: Emil Pfeiffer, CEO and Founder of Krizo and FT Insurance Correspondent, Oliver Ralph.

We kick things off with a discussion on what catastrophe insurance actually is, turns out it's not just an 'act of god'. Once the panel have established the definition, they move on to examining what technology is actually changing the catastrophe insurance space and what the current problems facing the industry are. The panel also examines how emerging global issues are forcing the catastrophe industry to play catch up. Climate change is one such issue, with 2017 being a record breaking year for hurricanes, terrorist action is another issue that's affecting the space.

To wrap things up, Sarah meets with Jason Futers, CEO at Insurdata to talk to him all about their catastrophe insurance offering and then sits down with Barney Schauble, Managing Partner at Nephila Capital to discuss catastrophe bonds and tech in the sector.

This episode of Insurtech Insider was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guests: Barney Schauble, Emil Pfeiffer, Jason Futers, and Oliver Ralph.