Insurtech Insider Episode 18: Accelerators, Hubs, and Innovation Labs

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On the latest episode of Insurtech Insider, Sarah sits down with insurtech experts to give you an intense roundtable on accelerators, hubs, and innovation labs. Joining our host today are:James York, CEO and Founder, Worry+PeaceLiam Gray, Head of Research & Partner Management at Startupbootcamp InsurTechTshidi Hagan, Program Director at StartupbootcampTobias Taupitz, CEO and Co-founder at Laka

James York, CEO and Founder, Worry+Peace, Liam Gray, Head of Research & Partner Management at Startupbootcamp InsurTech, Tshidi Hagan, Program Director at Startupbootcamp, Tobias Taupitz, CEO and Co-founder at Laka, all join Sarah to discuss:

Startup Bootcamp, the benefits of accelerators hubs and innovation labs, how to measure their success, and much more.

Sarah also has a great interview with James Birch at Insurtech Gateway

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Special Guests: James Birch, James York, Liam Gray, Tobias Taupitz, and Tshidi Hagan.

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