Insurtech Insider Episode 14. Travel Insurance: Meaningful Disruption

47min listen

On the latest episode of Insurtech Insider, Sarah and Nigel are joined by insurtech experts to give you the very latest in travel insurance. Joining our hosts are James Gibson from Revolut, and Oke Elazu, COO at Bought by Many. Sarah also has an insightful interview with Parul Green from Axa

The panel discuss their insights into insurtech, covering a bevy of issues.

They look at where travel insurance is right now: discussing how low the usage of travel insurance actually is, captured markets affecting the space, pay as you go insurance, the difference a cruise makes and much more.

We also bring you an amazing interview with Parul Green, Head of UK Strategy, M&A and Innovation at AXA.

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Special Guests: James Gibson, Oke Eleazu, and Parul Green.

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