InsurTech Insider Episode 9: Insurance on a Blockchain - the Blockchain Insider Takeover!

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In this very special show, we let our sister podcast Blockchain Insider takeover the mics, as Simon Taylor leads a roundtable focusing on blockchain and insurance and the different opportunities and ways of thinking that can be tapped into using smart contracts and DLT, while co-host Colin G Platt interviews Stephan Karpischek, Co-founder of Etherisc, who are building decentralized insurance applications.

In this very special Blockchain Insider takeover of our show, Simon Taylor hosts a roundtable all about insurance on a blockchain - why do we need it, what problems does it solve, what is it making better and for whom?
He was joined by some fantastic guests from across the industry:
Greg Crow - Global Head of Architecture at XL Catlin
Walid Al Saqqaf - Innovation Manager at Beazley
Kadhim Shubber - Journalist at FT Alphaville
Sebastian De Zulueta - Managing Director at Market Minds Ltd

Later on in the show guest co-host Colin Platt interviews Stephan Karpischek, Co-founder of Etherisc, who want to revolutionise the insurance industry with smart contracts and blockchain.

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Special Guests: Colin G. Platt, Greg Crow, Kadhim Shubber, Sebastian de Zulueta, Simon Taylor, Stephan Karpischek, and Walid Al Saqqaf.