InsurTech Insider: Episode 16. Pet insurance

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InsurTech Insider: Episode 16. Pet insurance

David's back and he joins Sarah and special guest Oke Eleazu to discuss all things pet insurance as well as some of the top insurance news.

Bought By Many COO Oke Eleazu joins Sarah and David to share his expertise in a show dedicated to pet insurance. David has just bought (and insured) a puppy so we had a lot of vested interest in this one!

1 in 10 of the entire UK population have taken out pet insurance and there are 51 million pets in the UK alone, Oke tells us all about the pet insurance industry, which is a growing sector in insurance.

We also cover the top insurtech news stories of the moment, including the Beast from the East using up all of Direct Line's annual weather-related claims budget.

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Special Guest: Oke Eleazu.

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