224. Insights: SMB Banking... Are you being (under)served?

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224. Insights: SMB Banking... Are you being (under)served?

In this episode Sarah Kocianski uncovers the murky and difficult world of SMB Banking, focusing on three specific pain points: Getting an account, getting a loan and making and receiving payments.

Today's insights show lifts the lid on the pain of SMB Banking as Sarah Kocianski guides us through the three biggest SMB Banking pain points: opening an account, getting a loan, and making and receiving payments.

Fantastic insights are given by small business owners and experts in this sector who give first hand accounts of their own frustrations:

  • Paul Bulpitt - Head of Accounting at Xero and founder of Wow Company
  • Sam Booth - CEO of Just After Midnight
  • Oren Greenberg - Digital Marketing Manager at Kurve,

There are approximately 5.7m SMBs in the UK right now, and they employ almost 16 million people. Together they turn over £1.8 trillion per year, which makes no small contribution to the UK economy and GDP. But why are they so badly served? Sarah endeavours to find out and to look towards the future of SMB Banking and what is going to improve.

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Special Guests: Oren Greenberg, Paul Bulpitt, and Sam Booth.