Top 3 Blogs of 2018

Dhanum Nursigadoo
5min read

Of course, these are our top 3 blogs of 2018. We took a look at the data, talked amongst ourselves about which ones we liked best and came up with the best blogs we’ve put out this year.

Bronze: Someone’s got to come in third

A choice that provoked quite a bit of debate. Third place goes to a relatively new contender that managed to make an impact late in the year and was felt throughout the fintech world. Core strength: Going back to first principles with 11:FS Foundry. We set out what’s going wrong with banking today and why it’s even happening in the first place.

It’s down to three deep-seated beliefs that were true for a long time. Until they weren’t. Admittedly that didn’t happen until we announced something huge here at 11:FS. Get to grips with the changing banking landscape and how 11:FS Foundry can allow banks to digitalise for tomorrow without breaking the business of today.

Silver: Closer than you’d think to the win

Some people say second place is just the first loser, to them I say your parents were too hard on you.

Second place on our list is a personal favourite, and one of the most fun images our designer got to create. Bankenstein: A story of APIs and monoliths. We took an in-depth look at what makes APIs so impactful in banking right now, why incumbent banks just aren’t capable of extending out effectively and where the real future of banking lies.

Gold: What can I say? The best there is

Now for what’s unequivocally the best blog of the year!

This shouldn’t be any surprise given the impact it’s had on the industry. We’ve seen it from reactions in boardrooms during presentations. And from the overwhelming number of page views it’s had since we published it back in May.

The Banking Battlefield takes the top spot. It’s an explanation of an image we’ve used time and again since 11:FS was born. We take a look at the state of banking today and where all the major players are right now. Modern banking is under attack by new challengers and the non-FS digital players. We analyse why now is the most volatile and interesting time to be looking at banking.

So those are our top 3 blogs of 2018. But don’t worry, we have plenty of great Christmas content coming your way for the rest of the month. Enough for you to get your fintech fix over the festive season.