The top blog posts of 2019, 20-11

Matthew Blenkarn Content Writer
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It’s that time again – as the year draws to a close, we’re looking back on our best and most popular blog posts of 2019!

December is here, which means we all get to indulge in our collective seasonal favourites: Christmas carols, eggnog and, of course, year-end lists!

This year, we’re doing things a little bit differently. Instead of awarding gold, silver and bronze to three lucky blogs, we’ve dug through our archives and picked out a whopping 20 (!) posts that, based on readership and feedback, seem to have struck a chord with the financial services community. From banking in Hong Kong to our own homegrown fintech scene, these entries reflect the breadth and quality of our 2019 contributions.

Today, we’ll present blog posts 20 through 11. Come back tomorrow to see which entries made our top 10!

20. Bank innovation in Hong Kong: a virtual model for the future?

With the introduction of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), Hong Kong has become one of the world’s most interesting financial services hubs. Brandon Chung looks at how the authority’s new licences are creating unique digital experiences for residents. Read more here.

The answers that emerge [from Hong Kong] could impact the model of how other markets in the region, and beyond, evolve.

Brandon Chung

19. The digital payments debate: is the future really cashless?

With countries such as Sweden transitioning to digital economies, Amy Gavin asks how we can protect those who would be disadvantaged by a cashless society. Read more here.

We have a social responsibility to ensure… the vulnerable in society are not left behind.

Amy Gavin

18. Money and mental health: digital support, proactive interventions and data concerns

As banks struggle to address its customers’ mental health requirements, Jamie Clements examines how new standards and technology can help. Read more here.

With the right regulatory support and a shift in focus from relevant firms, it seems as though change is on the way.

Jamie Clements

17. Culture Club: in conversation with 11:FS Head of Talent, Michael Curds

Scaling a business is tough. That’s why Geoff Whitehouse sat down with 11:FS’s new Head of Talent, Michael Curds, to talk working with good people and attracting talent from diverse backgrounds. Read more here.

... A diverse Talent team is so critical to everything a firm does because without that we don’t stand a chance of success.

Michael Curds

14. Two months after the final PSD2 deadline: where are we with the APIs?

Eight weeks after a major industry deadline, there were still no PSD2-compliant APIs available. Raphael Plantier, country manager for the UK and Ireland at Tink, tells us why. Read more here.

Some banks are now understanding… what it’s like to be on the customer side of the PSD2 APIs.

Raphael Plantier

13. David the fintech vs Goliath the bank

While big banks are saddled with the weight of outdated machinery, fintechs are lean and mean enough to be giant slayers. 11:FS Group CEO David M. Brear walks us through it. Read more here.

Thanks to services like 11:FS Foundry, banks can move away from legacy architecture and towards truly digital banking.

David M. Brear

12. Credit scoring: how fintechs are raising the bar

Credit scores are a mystery to many, but fintechs are finally shaking up the market. Amy Gavin tells us how they’re creating a brighter, more inclusive future. Read more here.

Hold tight and watch this space; credit scoring is about to get very interesting.

Amy Gavin

Too often, banks take an all-or-nothing approach to core banking transformation. Leda Glyptis explains why a modular approach that replaces a little bit of infrastructure at a time may offer a better way forward. Read more here.

The binge approach to transformation didn’t work before and definitely isn’t fit for purpose in the digitally native age.

Leda Glyptis

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