Onboarding journeys from 4 of our favourite US fintechs

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Biggest nothing-statement of the year: onboarding is important. As I recently covered here, over 50% of digital retail banking customers got bored and switched off before they’d finished in 2020. Not a great stat.

How, you might be asking, can we do better? Well, start by checking out these US fintechs. They’ve got the right idea. Oh, and special mention goes to the 11:FS Pulse GIF Maker feature for, um, obvious reasons.


Chime is a consumer fintech company that offers an array of mobile banking features. Users can get paid up to two days earlier, get ‘spotted’ up to $200 on debit card purchases and make and receive payments instantly. The onboarding process is smooth and clear with only one question per page. Green and white, the brand colours, are cleverly used throughout to build familiarity. Once signup is complete, users are met with a charming cartoon animation. One minor quibble - a progress bar would be a nice addition. But it’s only minor.


From cashback rewards to retail and travel benefits, neobank Oxygen has a range of services for consumers and small businesses to enjoy. The onboarding journey isn’t bad either. With a clear and engaging interface, quick verification and a progress bar at the top of the screen, it’s designed with intuitiveness in mind. One cute animation later and the process is complete. That didn’t take long, did it?


Mobile banking app Dave is on a mission to advance ‘America’s collective potential’. It offers users an early advance of up to $200, no overdraft fees and a ‘credit-building opportunity’ in the form of a partnership with LevelCredit. The six key features are introduced to users by way of a carousel before the onboarding journey begins. Showing what the app has in store is a great way to build excitement. And Dave doesn’t stop there. Each stage is accompanied by an attractive drawing and the whole experience is pleasing to the eye. Whilst a touch on the longer side, you can’t fault the design or attention paid to security.


Albert offers mobile banking with an emphasis on saving and investing. Amongst its winning feature set, users have access to Genius - a team of ‘real human experts’ combined with ‘powerful technology’ to offer ‘personalised, honest money advice’. Albert cleverly shows off its key features before the onboarding journey begins. Once it does, the experience is practically stress-free. There’s only one question per page to avoid clutter. Not only that, but each stage is clearly signposted and explained to the user which helps to build trust. It’s a slightly lengthy process but a bright interface, graphics and animations help to keep the user engaged throughout.

There you have it...

And so the curtain falls on another deep dive into fintech onboarding journeys. There’s a lot of jostling for positions in the US fintech space, but these five companies have done themselves no harm by creating great user experiences. For access to thousands of fintech user journeys across the world, get 11:FS Pulse. It'll help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver best-in-class user experiences. Book a demo today.

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