Money20/20 Europe Round Up: Podcasts and Interviews

Dhanum Nursigadoo
5min read

Hey fintech fans, I know you’ve missed me terribly the last couple of weeks. I’ve had dozens of tweets asking where I was (literally none). The rest of the 11:FS team stepped up to cover my absence and now I’m back in full swing.

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks for fintech and the 11:FS team in particular. We have an avalanche of content headed your way. First up this week, we went to Money20/20 Europe, interviewed everyone we could find and put on an amazing show you can find here.

We’re bringing you a quick roundup of everything we did at Money20/20 Europe and plenty of links so you can get a deeper dive into anything that catches your eye.

Money20/20 Europe is one of the best fintech conferences this side of the Atlantic. It should come as no surprise that we had 30+ interviews. If you just want to spend your lunch (and then some) watching all our videos click here for the full playlist. While most of our media team was running around setting up the main stage to put on the best fintech and blockchain hybrid news podcast Amsterdam has ever seen, the rest were filming interviews with a host of names to know.

Money20/20 Means Interviews Everywhere

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, sat down to talk about Ripple, XRP, xRapid, xCurrent, decentralisation and so much more. We also have a double interview with Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING and Conrad Ford CEO of Funding Options to discuss working with partners, the benefits of failing fast, and their SME focus. Finastra CMO Martin Häring, talked to us about launching the and how fintechs can build on it with ease. Those are just a few of the amazing interviews we captured at Money20/20 Europe. We also delivered an incredible Fintech Insider podcast hitting all the exciting fintech news of the week and a bonus crossover with Blockchain Insider. Listen to the combined episode here. Live from the Arena stage at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam, hosts David M. Brear, Simon Taylor, and Sam Maule are joined by an all-star panel.

Gotta Have a Podcast

Coming on in pairs, first up is Leda Glyptis, CIO at Qatar National Bank and Rob Frohwein, CEO of Kabbage. They look at what’s going on with the Visa outages and Kabbage taking on Paypal. Aren’t we lucky to have the Kabbage CEO with us to deliver his insight?

Blockchain Bonus

Next, for the Blockchain portion of the show, Sara Feenan, Business Development Manager at Clearmatics, and 11:FS’ very own Jeff Tijssen come on stage. The panel discuss Maersk tracking cargo using blockchain to fight fraud and paperwork. They also take a look at Binance’s $1BN investment fund and how a company with a dead ICO still managed to raise $7BN this year.

Fintech Finish

Finally for the last portion of the podcast Anna Irrera, Fintech Correspondent at Reuters and Peter Hazou, Director of Business Development at Microsoft get on stage. The five fintech fanatics talk about Starling’s separation from Transferwise. They also discuss why digital challengers are consistently beating out high-street banks for customer satisfaction. And to cap it off, why Citi are dominating fintech investment in the US market. You can watch all the 1-on-1 interviews we did at Money20/20 Europe by clicking here. Money20/20 Europe was a big event for the 11:FS team and as you can see we’ve got a ton of content for you from it. If you want to get in on the conversation then contact us on Twitter @11FSTeam and go to FintechInsiderNews.