Launch Your Career: Our Internships Are Live

Dhanum Nursigadoo
5min read

You may have noticed recently that we’ve putting out a bit of content around our interns, like Petrit, Sam, and Tom. In a move that should surprise no-one, we’re launching the start of our internship programme today! For all you students and fintech fans we’ve got a list of top tips you should follow to get ahead of the curve. The rest of our wonderful readers should be sharing this with everyone you know looking to get into fintech. You don’t need a degree to apply, just be awesome.

Passionate People Only!

Passion is what drives everyone at 11:FS. It's the absolute number one thing you need to bring with you to applying for the internships. If you can show us that you care about doing work that revolutionises an industry then you're starting things off right. You can learn more about us on our Twitter channels @11FSTeam and @FinTechinsiders. Show us what you love and what makes you tick. If you can get passionate about what you've worked on before then we want you to bring that passion to us. FinTech is a fast-moving space that demands your attention. We want you switched on and engaged at every step. If that sounds like you then click here.

Creative Thinkers Required

FinTech is focused on constant innovation. If you can't adapt then you can't succeed. We've assembled an all-star team of innovative thinkers with a challenger mindset. Our internships demand people with creative minds. Show us how you've made things happen in any weird and wonderful ways, anything out of the box and you'll grab our attention. We deliver the best podcasts in FinTech, Blockchain, and Insurtech every week. Listen to our industry-leading podcasts here to get an idea of the sort of innovative thinkers we meet and speak with every week.

Internships Mean Working Hard

Making great content and pushing out innovative products like Pulse means we're working as hard as we can every week to deliver. If you can show us that you've got the same mindset and want to deliver meaningful work then we want you to apply. 11:FS isn't a place where you make coffee and photocopy documents. We have a coffee machine for one, and we're digital for the other. Seriously, we're all about digital banking, there isn't much paper around the office. If you want to do work that matters and have a real impact on the business then you need to apply today.

11:FS Means Playing Harder

While working at 11:FS means you've got to bring 100% every day, we also have a ton of fun. You can: join our 5-a-side football team, 11FC, there's beer and cider on tap, and so many more perks. There's team bonding every week in one of a hundred ways. If you've got anything you really want to do let us know. 11FC was created by our very own Petrit Berisha, which just goes to show we're always open to new ideas. What are you waiting for? Send in your C.V now.