Keep your finger on the Pulse of innovation

Bianca Sarafian
5min read

The landscape for fintech and banking is evolving more rapidly than ever, and in case you weren’t aware, there’s a war going on for your customers. With challengers attacking from left, right, and centre, it’s never been more important to stay on top of the latest and greatest UX innovation.

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Everyone is battling for a best-in-class UX to keep themselves ahead of the game during the most turbulent time in the market, but they’re still relying on months of work and high-level PDF reporting to develop their propositions. They’re still trying to reinvent the wheel instead of learning from the best. Of course, that means that sometimes, even after large budgets and even larger lead times, they produce a product that is not fit-for-market. Yikes.

Your customers can’t wait

With ever-expanding consumer choice, your customers are growing increasingly impatient. They want the best possible experience, and they want it yesterday. That’s why 11:FS have created a way to take the headache out of fintech and banking customer experience analysis. We’re excited to bring you the new-and-updated 11:FS Pulse. 11:FS Pulse gives you access to thousands of user journeys from banks and financial services companies from across the globe. It reduces your time to market, dramatically reduces lead times, keeps stakeholders fully engaged, and makes sure you’re always armed with first-hand user experiences and expert commentary. We’ve completely overturned what has long been a cumbersome and detached process, and granted you a front-row seat to see exactly what the customer sees. You can collect primary sources of information, and leverage our expert analysis with rich explanations, top tips for success, and timestamps to indicate each stage of the customer journey.

Learn from the best

Strategists, innovation specialists, UX professionals, product owners, and competitor insights teams all use 11:FS Pulse to create beautiful products, stay atop of innovation, and learn how leading companies are battling the same problems that they’re facing. Joe Wood, Digital Insight Manager at Nationwide Building Society, had this to say about the value his team has gained from 11:FS Pulse:
“We have seen great value from the video walkthroughs of end-to-end customer journeys on the 11:FS Pulse platform. The ability to gain direct access to a large breadth of content, further benefited by the slick UI that lets you filter information across a growing number of categories, has dramatically reduced our lead times in getting relevant and insightful content to stakeholders.”
With insights and rich user-journeys from Alipay, N26, and everyone in-between, 11:FS Pulse is ready to help shape the future of your business. Request a demo to start lowering the cost of customer acquisition, increase retention, and create products that people love.

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