Introducing the new 11:FS Pulse ratings system

Benedict Shegog
5min read

11:FS Pulse is constantly loading more content and we’re always seeking new ways to create transparency in our product so you can understand the reasoning behind why some user journeys are so powerful.

11:FS Pulse is the best research and benchmarking platform for viewing the world’s best user journeys. As we add more and more content to the platform, we need to find better ways to help our users find what’s helpful to them. We also want to be more transparent about how we rank and rate journeys. As of today, we’ve launched a new ratings framework that does just that. It is important to note that to an extent these three factors are qualitative. The ratings system has been designed by our research team who (god love them) have watched and ranked literally thousands of these journeys. Its aim is to provide more structure to our analysis which will, in turn, help our users find what’s important to them. There are three key factors, on a scale of 1 to 5, which are taken into account to create a ratings system that shows you exactly where the successes and failings of each product come into play.


The key question behind Utility in a customer journey is how fit for purpose and advanced the features in a given journey are. A journey scores lower if it is not useful or fit for purpose, and higher if it is more advanced than the market standards for its function.


Is the journey easy to complete and efficient? That’s the question we asked ourselves over and over (and will keep on asking as we add even more journeys daily). It’s a key function in any user journey and it’s important to note that journeys that may seem clear to a developer aren’t always clear to customers.

Visual Design

Is the journey in-line with current design trends? Most fintechs or banking apps are aiming at an audience that’s used to sleek digital journeys from other sectors. To deliver an experience that feels as exciting as booking a holiday or as easy as calling a taxi it’s important to have a design that is modern and aesthetically pleasing. You might think that some of these factors are more important than others and we agree. That’s why each score has its own weighting. Utility and Usability are weighted higher than Visual Design. For us, Visual Design is mainly perceived as a hygiene factor for user journeys, it’s key to the user experience but it doesn’t come close to the importance of Utility and Usability. We’ve also included a Delight Factor to the rating system, it’s a simple mechanism that either is or isn’t present in a user journey. It’s a small bonus to the customer journey that conveys the ineffable. The one little extra part that makes the overall experience better for the user. All of the videos in the platform have been re-rated over the past month, so everything is now on the same scoring system. And we’re planning to take this a step further in the coming months by integrating customer data. If you’re an 11:FS Pulse customer, you can see the new ratings system for yourself by logging in and viewing any of the 1,300+ recordings of user journeys we currently have live on the platform.