11:FS Releases the Beginner’s Guide to Open Banking

Sam Frampton
5min read

11:FS is pleased to announce that today we are launching the beginner’s guide to Open Banking! It’s a hot topic in the fintech space at the moment and users need to know what they’re getting themselves into.

You can find the beginner's guide to open banking here, produced by our very own home-grown intern, Sam Frampton. Inside you’ll find a plethora of information so useful and insightful we couldn’t fit it all into a single blog post. The guide explains: exactly what open banking is, what it means for you the consumer, the latest leaders in the field to follow.

The guide covers disruption and how it’s challenging banks to change after being bolstered by open banking. It contains some of the truly useful information online, despite all the noise out there about open banking. In Sam's search to give you the best information possible he grabbed a few of the good objective articles on the topic.

Open Banking Doesn't Need to be Scary

New things can be a touch intimidating, especially when it comes to your money. Here at 11:FS we’re all about transparency and letting people know what’s going on. The guide breaks down exactly why customers should engage with open banking and the benefits it’ll bring.

Open Banking has prompted a wave of fintech innovation. While writing the beginner's guide, Sam poured through a whole host of companies and created a list of ones to watch who are doing exciting things. In addition to that, the guide includes a list of the best people in the industry to follow so you can become a regular fintech insider.

For all you fintech aficionados who are sick of trying to explain to your friends at the pub what open banking is, just send them here and they’ll finally get what you’re going on about.

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