Tomorrow’s wealth generation and the need for truly digital.

Over $68 trillion is expected to be passed down as part of the Great Wealth Transfer.

And with this new generation comes new expectations of what wealth management should look like. Marble hallways and sushi lunches won’t cut it anymore, the UHNWI of tomorrow want truly digital solutions.


David M. Brear photo

David M. Brear

Co-Founder & CEO

“If you build a digitally rich product that serves this market, it will solve many more problems than just ‘How are my stocks doing?’.”

Nadine Timmer-Bodenstein photo

Nadine Timmer-Bodenstein

Product Lead, 11:FS Ventures

“Many of these players still provide updates to clients in the form of a 50-page PDF...The new generation doesn’t want to interact like that.”

Rachel Pandyan photo

Rachel Pandyan

Product Lead, 11:FS Ventures

“We’re talking about top percentiles here and with that standing comes sky-high expectations for service.”

Let’s get digital

In this pack, we outline the key Jobs to be Done for each category of wealth and break down what wealth management looks like through the lens of Digital R.I.C.H.E.S.

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