Article — Retail banking

The next generation of financial services has to be truly inclusive

Hopefully, by now you’ve had a chance to digest some, if not all, of our inclusive design series.

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How has software evolution influenced banking? - Decoding: Banks

The invention of the computer revolutionised banking in the 1950s.

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Why it's time to take microservices to the next level

If you’ve ever worked with engineers, you’ll have heard them talk about microservices. A few years ago, you might’ve been left with the impression that they wer...

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Article — Business banking

Building a bank? Here’s why you should use Kotlin

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Article — Business banking

Why we decided to build an operating system

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Article — Payments

Senior people need to understand technology

It's a truism that the hardest job in engineering is that of 'Tech Lead'. You're the person who's not only writing code, but simultaneously leading a small grou...

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