Insights: How can web3 change the film industry?

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: a very exciting deep dive: this time - into film and web3. How do films and filmmaking change and work in web3? Does web3 have the power to revolutionise the process of filmmaking as we know it, and could it encourage more diversity and inclusivity? All this and much more on today's Blockchain Insider!

gm. Mauricio Magaldi and Cuy Sheffield are back this week for another deep dive, this time into all things film and web3.

We have already covered design and music as NFTs and how they change in this space, but what about perhaps the most popular and consumed form of art? How will film change in the world of web3, and has it already started?

The film industry and the Hollywood machine has been known as ‘a rich man’s playground’ - with power dynamics showing Hollywood often favours the rich, and more often that not - men.

Will web3 be able to bring on a new era of inclusivity, diversity, and equitable compensation for filmmakers?

We are also joined by some amazing guests:

  • Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder & CEO at SuperWorld
  • Alveena Khalid, Director of Growth - Blockchain Marketing at
  • Camilla Russo, Founder at The Defiant

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Special Guests: Alveena Khalid, Camila Russo, and Hrish Lotlikar.