Fintech Insider USA: Lowell Putnam, Plaid (S1E2)

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Fintech Insider USA: Lowell Putnam, Plaid (S1E2)

Welcome to episode 2 of Fintech Insider USA where our host Sam Maule will be joined by the movers and shakers in the US fintech industry. In today's episode, Sam Maule is joined by Lowell Putnam at Plaid!

Welcome back to the second episode of this brand new show, Fintech Insider USA! In this episode, we are extremely excited to bring you a fantastic interview with Head of Partnerships at Plaid, Lowell Putnam!

Sam sits down with Lowell Putnam, Head of Partnerships at Plaid at a very exciting time for the company! Lowell Putnam was previously the CEO and Founder of Quovo which have now been acquired by Plaid. In this interview, Sam and Lowell talk about a recent couple of busy months for the company, writing your own playbook and how being honest about imperfection can actually save your business! Lowell gives us his 30 seconds pitch of what Plaid does, and the duo discusses whether or not open banking will actually hit in America.

Furthermore, Lowell explains why you should always make sure that the elevator car has arrived before stepping into it and why you sometimes have to throw out your own ego in order to save yourself time and money. We get to hear about Lowell's vision for the future of Plaid, and what disrupting a legacy really feels like.

All this and so much more on today's show.

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This week's episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guest: Lowell Putnam.