8 Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Bonds and Insurance on Blockchains

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Simon and Colin are joined by PwC's Steve Webb, Hadi Kabalan MD of Otonomos, for the news, followed by two very special interviews.

In this episode:

Simon, Colin and guests Steve Webb and Hadi Kabalan break down the top news stories of the last week including:

  • Bitcoin Cash hits $1000, then quickly returns to $600!
  • The first bond on blockchain
  • IOTA the Internet of Things “Blockchain” announces flash channels

And we have some top class interviews including: lawyer Stephen Palley about whether or not ICOs are legal, and what you should bear in mind if you're considering setting one up; then we speak to Blocksure's Ranvir Saggu and Joseph Goulden about their Ethereum-based Insurance project.

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Special Guests: Hadi Kabalan, Stephen Palley, and Steve Webb.