Bonus: How to become a digital creator

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L.F.G. Mauricio and Catherine bring you a fantastic conversation looking at what it means to be a digital creator today and the global community it creates, with two amazing digital creators taking part in the global Visa Creator Program. All this and much more on today's Blockchain Insider!

gm. Mauricio Magaldi and Catherine Gu bring you this very special bonus episode looking at how blockchains can enable digital artists to have a global reach and bring art and artists together at a global scale.

They are joined by two participants in Visa’s Creator Program. They have both chosen to use blockchain technology as the means to share their art with the world.
Crypto and NFTs allow artists to build communities all over the world, since they are borderless. As part of this conversation we want to understand why artists are turning to NFTs and some of the underlying benefits behind it, the future of payments in this space and what is still to come in the digital creative space.

Our fantastic guests are:

  • Gus Sarkodee, Visa Creator Program participant & photographer
  • Violeta Valcheva, Visa Creator Program participant & multimedia artist

To find out more about Visa' Creator Program, visit and

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Special Guests: Gus Sarkodee and Violeta Valcheva.