37. Sandra Ro, Women in Blockchain and Tracking Crypto Crime

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On today's episode, Simon and Colin talk about Binance bounties, Traceable Bitcoin and much more! We also bring you an interview with the wonderful Sandra Ro! Her insights were excellent as always.

First up, Binance are offering a $250,000 bounty for the arrest of hackers that tried to infiltrate the exchange earlier in March!

Is Bitcoin as untraceable as we think? The met police claim that Bitcoin is not anonymous and is easy to track! Simon and Colin discuss this one in great depth.

Next up, Bitfinex'd, the the pseudonymous blogger and persistent critic of cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has lawyered up! An interesting saga to keep an eye on....

Following on from International Women's Day it was fitting that CoinDesk, one of the larger crypto publications wrote a great piece on encouraging and acknowledging Women in Crypto! We were super lucky to have Sandra Ro's insights on today's show as well!

From Bifinex'd to Utility Token Bill's, Wyoming's state legislature has cleared a bill that would exempt certain types of crypto assets from securities laws. Are crypto-assets creeping toward legitimation?

Now the next headline was controversial, but when Simon and Colin dogged deeper- it actually raised some interesting points. From The Verge, the headline read- 'Blockchain' is meaningless....

This wouldn't be a blockchain based show without mentioning the good folks of Ripple! According to Bloomberg Technology they have lost their bid to keep it's cryptocurrency fight in California. The dispute is over a staggering amount of XRP- once worth over $16 Billion, with R3.

Another headline grabber, the FT writes that SWIFT claim blockchain not ready for mainstream use! According to them, the tech needs to mature to handle high volume transactions.

From mainstream use to miners, Bitcoin miners have taken over a town in Seattle! This one was close to home for CGP (literally) so he gave us a good run down on this story. Staying with mining, Egypt are apparently forcing their citizens to mine cryptocurrency?! Simon and Colin had a lot to say about this questionable and slightly confusing headline!

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Special Guest: Sandra Ro.