15. What the hell is Segwit2x, enterprise Blockchain and more regulators weigh in

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Simon and Colin explore the week's news, plus special interviews with Scott Nelson, CEO and Chairman of Sweetbridge, and Abasa Phillips, founder of Zilla.

This week Simon and Colin crunch through all the week's top news.

Why's everyone talking about SegWit2x, when will it happen and what does it mean for the future of bitcoin? Switzerland looks set to remain 'crypto valley' with talk of a code of conduct for ICOs. The guys talk security in bitcoin exchanges and why "those regulators gonna regulate". And with news that HMRC has built a blockchain proof of concept for the UK border, we discuss whether this is an efficiency no-brainer, or the precursor to a dystopian, crypto-enabled future.

The database giant Oracle has unveiled its enterprise blockchain platform, but will this solution cannibalise its existing business? We also hear from Scott Nelson at Sweetbridge on expanding the definition of liquidity, and Abasa Phillips from Zilla to tell us about their new platform to invest in ICOs.

And finally, wtf - what the Fetchcoin?! Whether its brilliantly conceived satire or a credible venture, you decide - let us know what you think!

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Special Guests: Abasa Phillips and Scott Nelson.