81. The Best Anti-blockchain Blockchain idea

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: ConstantiNOple, a look at if Bitcoin was manipulated and you can track your Cobalt on a Blockchain, who knew?

Simon's back in the studio joined by a very distant Colin to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain.

Core Ethereum devs push Constantinople upgrade out 6 weeks; ProgPoW decision put on hold 00:52

Sara Feenan explains it all 02:35

Was Bitcoin Really Manipulated 08:55

Beyond the doomsday economics of "proof-of-work" in cryptocurrencies 13:33

ING are working in partnership with R3 18:45

Ford to use Blockchain in pilot to trace cobalt mined in Congo 19:50

Binance targets EU-UK traders with new fiat-to-crypto exchange 23:03

OECD: ICOs Have Financing Benefits But Aren’t a Mainstream Option 25:28

Wyoming Bill Would Clear the Way for Crypto Custody at Banks 29:35

We've got a great Tweet of the Week from BeamPrivacy on Beam's blockchain stopping 33:57

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This week's episode of Blockchain Insider was produced by Laura Watkins and Petrit Berisha. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.