484. Insights: Credit, COVID and the potential of Open Banking

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484. Insights: Credit, COVID and the potential of Open Banking

Simon Taylor is joined by some great guests to talk about the current state of credit and borrowing, and how the power of Open Banking can make a real difference to the lived financial experience of many in the UK.

Credit can be a lifeline in times of crisis but the credit risk models banks rely on are simply no longer fit for the realities of today. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyone’s finances, apart from the lucky few, and post pandemic the need for credit has never been greater.

Simon Taylor is joined by some fantastic guests to discuss how the current system of credit is in dire need of an overaul and how Open Banking can help lenders to provide financial products and services that meet the needs of customers. Joining this week's show we have:

  • Freddy Kelly - CEO, Credit Kudos
  • Paul Harrald - Head of Curve Credit
  • Francesca Carlesi - Co-founder and CEO, Molo Finance

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Special Guests: Francesca Carlesi, Freddy Kelly, and Paul Harrald .