187. Insights: Data must flow in the era of AI - a Dune case study

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EL. EF. GEE. Today we bring you: a deep dive into the world of data and AI, and our second case study! On this show, we're taking a closer look at the the history of Dune, and their new LLM announcement, and how AI and blockchain intersect and can help shape the future of the crypto space. All this and much more on today's Blockchain Insider!

gm. Mauricio Magaldi and Cuy Sheffield are back this week for another deep dive.

A few months back, we did our first ever case study with WalletConnect, that you guys seemed to love! We want to take a moment to thank you for your support on that show, and also give back to you guys in the best way we know how! So, in today’s episode, we’re going to be looking at another fascinating case study.

On March 27, Dune published a blogpost to announce the launch of their first LLM feature, and announced a full suite of LLM features and integrations to come. They introduced some exciting new features, and, according to the blogpost: “The power of GPT4 will provide you with a detailed explanation of the query, helping to improve your knowledge and speed up your journey to data mastery”.

Now - whether you like it or not, AI has seemingly been everywhere lately. 2023 is definitely the year of the AI boom, led by OpenAI’s very own ChatGPT - so this headline instantly caught our attention. Innovation in this sector is not slowing down - only ramping up, and it’s slowly but surely starting to mesh with the crypto space.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the history of Dune, their new LLM roadmap, how ChatGPT plays into all of this, and what the future holds for AI in crypto - and, we have a fantastic guest who will explore all of this with us:

  • Mats Olsen, Co-founder & CTO at Dune

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Special Guest: Mats Olsen.