122. ETH 2.0, Bitcoin the asset & blockchain for banking

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: Bakkt's biggest trading day to date, North Korean crypto money laundering, and Ray Dalio's take on broken financial systems. All this and much more on today's Blockchain Insider!

Simon Taylor hosts this week with some amazing returning guests:

  • Richard Crook - Director of Lab577
  • Vinay Gupta - CEO of Mattereum

Together they talk about the latest in blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto news including:

  • Ethereum's Istanbul hard fork release date is confirmed by core developer (01:46)
  • Bakkt's monthly bitcoin futures hit all-time-high of $15M (08:09)
  • The UN accuses North Korea of laundering money through a blockchain firm (15:48)
  • FBI Director says crypto is a ‘significant issue’ for law enforcement (22:00)
  • Ray Dalio writes about the financial system and why he thinks it's broken (34:16)

The Tweet of the Week comes from @PeterMcCormack about his honest opinions on DAI! Why not send us your best tweets? See if you can get a shout out on the show! (44:56)

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Special Guests: Richard Crook and Vinay Gupta.