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11:FS has received two awards for our Consulting business, recognising the hard work we’ve been putting in over the last twelve months (and more) in helping financial services become truly digital.

What’s better than one award for your consulting business? That’s right: two awards :)

Over the last seven days the hard work of our Consulting team has been recognised by two awards/rankings and I could not be prouder.

I’ve used plenty of digital ink singing their praises. Because they’re awesome.

So it’s great to see our clients and the wider industry feel the same way. What’s more, in an industry awash with awards, rankings and influencers lists, these are the real deal.

First, the Financial Times and Statista ranked us as a Leading Management Consultant for both Financial Services and Digital Transformation. That ranking is now in its third year and is based on recommendations by the recipients’ clients and peers.

Compiled with Statista, the data company, the ranking assesses consultancies’ work in 29 categories through quantitative and qualitative measures. More details on its in-depth methodology can be read here.

This is the first time we’ve made the list and I’m determined that it won’t be the last.

Next up, we have Chambers who awarded us a Band 1 ranking, with just Deloitte and EY. Seeing our name alongside firms that are many, many, many times larger still gives me a buzz. Talk about impact.

And yeah I’m biased, so don’t just take my word for it. As the listing said:

“[11:FS] provide consultancy designed to transform business models and service propositions, supported by the firm’s Pulse tool, a platform for clients to benchmark their progress against other industry success stories. Additionally, the Foundry team can provide technological solutions to clients’ existing digital infrastructure or create a platform from scratch. Sources describe 11:FS as ‘experts of FinTech’ and the ‘top one at the moment’”.

Hell. Yes.

These things don’t happen overnight

Our Consulting team is amazing. From the leadership team to our JTBD experts using its expertise to gain valuable insights into what customers really want from a digital banking service, through to the engineers making these ideas a reality.

I could not be any prouder of the team at 11:FS. These awards are an acknowledgment that we’re on the right path.

Whether our teams are in design sprints with a leading wealth manager in our office or on the road building propositions all over the globe, they’re all united by the purpose of making financial services better.

These awards are the culmination, so far, of almost four years of work. From our beginnings in a Starbucks near Liverpool Street in the City of London, to us, literally, knocking down walls in our office to make room for our rapidly expanding engineering team.

More than anything they’re the result of a group of passionate people who have worked incredibly hard to deliver meaningful results to our clients, whether that was building Mettle for Natwest, the ongoing work with DNB on 11:FS Foundry, or the proposition work for Standard Chartered in Hong Kong.

We’ve also been fortunate with work with the good people at Grab over in Singapore, with a number of different companies in South Africa and we are midway through building out a consumer bank in the US.

These things don’t happen in isolation

I could not be any prouder of the team at 11:FS. These awards are an acknowledgment that we’re on the right path. That is gratifying to see because sometimes we’re so heads-down in the detail, in the delivery that we don’t take enough time to step back and realise everything we’ve achieved.

We're not going to rest on our laurels...and that really excites me because we’re just getting started.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone at 11:FS and to the amazing partners and clients we work with. Thank you to the folks reading this who voted, filled in surveys, gave a reference and more, because we truly appreciate it.

On that note, I have one small ask to finish with. We recently got a British Banking Award nomination for Consultancy of the Year – which we won last year – and we need your votes. If you can spare a few minutes visit bit.ly/11FS2020 and vote for us to win Consultancy of the Year and Pioneer of the Year.

We’re not going to rest on our laurels. Our past successes are a great indicator of where we’ve been, but it’s what’s going to happen in the future that pushes us forward. And that really excites me because we’re just getting started.

As you should know by now, we live by the mantra that digital financial services are only 1% finished.

We’ve got a lot to deliver on to ensure we’re living up to our promise to clients. They’ve entrusted us to make a difference and we’re crazy determined to do that. And more.

Want to join an award-winning team? We have crazy expansion plans, with a lot of open roles that are just waiting for brilliant people. Head over to our vacancies and see if there's something for you!

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