It's not the technology - Why banking is broken ft. Ewan Silver

21min watch

When people discuss 'banking being broken', they often refer to the technology itself. However, that isn't necessarily the case.

The fundamental flaw within banking at the moment is the way that banking products are treated within the organisation. A customer can get a retail bank account, a credit card, and a mortgage from one bank. They would expect this to be a seamless process, as it looks like one entity - but from the bank's perspective, these are three different businesses entirely. They have no single-view of customer.

This was OK for a while. All banks worked in this way, so there wasn't exactly a high bar set for them, But now, with challenger banks offering realtime payments and notifications, and GDPR regulations enforcing banks to enforce KYC across entire organisations, the banks NEED a single customer view. And they can't seem to get there easily.

So what are the potential solutions? Ewan explains it all, with our 11:FS Lightboard.