In this special edition of Spotlight, 11:FS CEO David M. Brear is joined by Pat Patel - Executive Director at Elevandi to dive deep into the crucial topic of fostering collaboration between regulators and fintech companies, and how bridging these worlds can pave the way for innovation, growth, and a more inclusive financial landscape. 

We also delve into Pat's career and the significant industry changes he's witnessed during his time in financial services. Additionally, we explore his role at Elevandi, including the company's journey and its innovative approaches to engaging regulators and policymakers amid the rapid changes in the financial services landscape. 

We also take a look at the fintech scene in South East Asia, Singapore's influence on the region and globally. Plus, we get a sneak peek at the upcoming Singapore Fintech Festival taking place in November 2023, and some of the topics that will be up for debate!

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