Fintech Marketing Podcast Season 2 Preview

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Fintech Marketing Podcast Season 2: Coming soon

In Season 2 of Fintech Marketing Podcast, hosted by 11:FS CCO Eric Fulwiler, and Mariette Ferreira, 11:FS Marketing Director, we talk to the marketing leaders across fintech and financial services to explore how they drive the growth of their businesses through marketing. We find out where they get their inspiration from, what they've learnt along the way, and really what moves the needle.

 Mariette Ferreira
About the author

Mariette Ferreira

Mariette is leading and shaping marketing at 11:FS to connect customer problems to 11:FS solutions. With extensive experience across the full marketing mix, she's worked in B2B as well as B2C roles at a startup incubator, education, and manufacturing before moving into fintech.