Insurtech Insider - Ep. 6: Aviva Takeover

43min listen

In this episode, host David Brear and co-hosts Nigel Walsh and Sarah Kocianski visit Aviva's Digital Garage for InsurTech Insider's very first takeover show!

David, Nigel and Sarah visit Aviva's Digital Garage for InsurTech Insider's very first takeover show! Recorded from Aviva's offices, the team were joined by Claire Woodcock – Digital Strategy Lead for Digital Product and Design; Anna Stables – Digital Innovation Manager; Alex Allen – Senior Digital Innovation Manager and Colin Richardson – Co-Founder & Head of Marketing at Cocoon for a roundtable discussion of all things Aviva!

We kick off with a run through of what Aviva does and in particular the digital garage, their take on the insurance industry at present and how innovation is beginning to take off, and what that looks like for Aviva. They also tell us about the Founders Factory, the digital garage culture and adapting to customer expectations as the industry shifts and changes.
They conclude with looking ahead to 2018 and what that will look like for Aviva and the team.

It was great fun hosting this show from Aviva's Digital Garage, - don't forget if you enjoy the show to subscribe so you never miss an episode and leave us a review on iTunes. If you want to get in touch, reach out to us on Twitter @InstechInsiders or email

Special Guests: Alex Allen, Anna Stables, Claire Woodcock, Colin Richardson , Nigel Walsh, and Sarah Kocianski.

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