InsurTech Insider Episode 11: Cyber Insurance + Lemonade CEO interview

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InsurTech Insider Episode 11: Cyber Insurance + Lemonade CEO interview

On today's episode, David and Nigel were joined by Hiscox's Gareth Wharton and Zurich's Thomas Clayton. We also bring you an awesome interview with the CEO of Lemonade, Daniel Schreiber!

The roundtable begins by discussing what cyber insurance actually is! Who needs it most? What are the benefits?

Cyber security doesn't always work and we've seen some high profile hacks in recent times- the biggest of all being Equifax. We ask our panel what the consequences of being on the end of a breach so large? How do massive companies deal with it? How important is PR in these situations?

We also asked what actually happens when you're hacked but you're cyber insured- a topic for which our panel gave great insights. With all it's benefits and the fact it's been around for 10 years, our panel also discussed why the profile of the insurance product hasn't yet been raised or enhanced!

We also bring you a fantastic interview from none other than the CEO of Lemonade himself, Daniel Schreiber, as Nigel caught up with him at IFGS 2018.

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Special Guests: Daniel Schreiber, Gareth Wharton, and Thomas Clayton.

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