2 Serial disruption

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2 Serial disruption

David and Nigel are back for episode two! They discuss the latest news and trends in insurtech, and also speak to Phoebe Hugh, CEO of Brolly.

In this episode

David and Nigel discuss the latest news and trends in insurtech, including the trend of "serial disruptors" - talent moving away from incumbents to create start ups to fix issues with incumbents' services, as TechCrunch runs more insurtech stories lately, is this the start of insurtech going mainstream?

They also talk drone insurance and are smart helmets the new frontier of insurtech? And the personalisation of data and risk to ensure that people are not tarred by tied stereotypes, such as young male drivers being more unreliable than any other demographic.

Additionally, as Brolly raise over £1M in funding, we have an interview with their CEO Phoebe Hugh to discuss the latest innovations at Brolly and what they're looking to do longterm.

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Special Guests: Nigel Walsh and Phoebe Hugh.