Fintech Insider USA: Derek Joyce, Klarna (S1E5)

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Fintech Insider USA: Derek Joyce, Klarna (S1E5)

Welcome to a brand new show brought to you by 11:FS! This is Fintech Insider USA where our host Sam Maule will be joined by the movers and shakers in the US fintech industry. In today's episode, Sam Maule is joined by Derek Joyce at Klarna!

Welcome back to the 5th episode of this new show, Fintech Insider USA! In this episode, we are extremely excited to bring you an interview with Derek Joyce, Vice President & General Manager, Global Accounts at Klarna!

To start the episode, Derek explains Klarna's new operating model where each team has end to end accountability and ownership. How has this changed the work culture and what are the results? We continue by, of course, talking about the smoooth campaign with Snoop Dog and how the campaign has now reached 660 million impressions online! How has this campaign had an impact on Klarna as a brand, and what is it like being associated with Snoop Dog?

Derek and Sam further talk about how the whole business model of payments has moved beyond transactions and Derek argues that companies that focus only the transaction are in a race to the bottom. Looking at statistics, 2/3 of millennials do not have a credit card! How do you work around this? How do you create a credit system without using credit cards?

All this and so much more on today's show.

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This week's episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guest: Derek Joyce.