4. Revolut: Risk-taking marketing ft. Chad West

45min listen

4. Revolut: Risk-taking marketing ft. Chad West

Eric Fulwiler continues his mission to learn how the world’s hottest fintech start-ups and most innovative financial service brands drive growth through modern-day marketing.

In episode 3 Eric speaks to Global Director of Marketing and Comms at Revolut, Chad West, who outlines Revolut’s marketing playbook that helps them with their international expansion, but at the same giving them flexibility and adaptability for each market, and each new product they release, including crypto-currency, stock-trading and insurance.

He also talks about being incredibly passionate about data and data driven decision making, analysing each campaign and learning as you go - but also the value in taking some risks on campaigns in order to generate data. Even when campaigns don’t go to plan, the data and insights are still valuable and can allow you to learn and iterate.

He also tells Eric about his plans for Revolut to become a verb and some exclusive announcements around their new savings product and also the launch of Revolut Junior, just a few weeks ago.


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