3. Xero: The importance of authenticity ft. James Kyd

46min listen

3. Xero: The importance of authenticity ft. James Kyd

Eric Fulwiler continues his mission to learn how the world’s hottest fintech start-ups and most innovative financial service brands drive growth through modern-day marketing.

In episode 2, he speaks to James Kyd, Global CMO at Xero, the small business and technology platform and global leader of online accounting software, who tells Eric all about the importance of authenticity - in leadership, in communications and how that in turn influences the Xero brand, campaigns, and marketing messaging.

Alongside authenticity they also discuss the importance of embracing feedback loops, trust in your brand and organisation, and iterating on content to get the best results.

And of course we had to mention Xerocon, the innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders, which is now in three locations worldwide, and is reinventing perceptions of vendor conferences.


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