9. Will regulators kill ICOs and Tokens?

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Simon and Colin are joined by the FT's Kadhim Shubber and Richard Burton, founder of BalanceM.Money, for the news, followed by two very special interviews.

In this episode:

Simon, Colin and guests Kadhim Shubber and break down the top news stories of the last week including:

  • Bitcoin Segwit upgrade goes live
  • While Ethereum’s upgrade could still be a long wait
  • More regulators opine on tokens -And Burger King launches its own cryptocurrency

We also have some fantastic interviews including: Andrew Chapin of Benja, talking about the BenjaCoin and proactively working with regulators; and Taylor Monahan of MyEtherWallet about the industry trends, and scam prevention.

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Special Guests: Andrew Chapin, Kadhim Shubber, and Richard Burton.


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