Ep. 54. Is Crypto Going Mainstream?

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Simon and Sara are joined by Noelle Acheson and Joon Ian Wong from Coindesk to talk about the latest and greatest blockchain news. Including a brilliant tweet of the week.

Simon and Sara sit down with Noelle Acheson Coindesk, Editorial Producer and Joon Ian Wong, Coindesk, Managing Director Europe/Asia to discuss the latest blockchain news, including:

Todd McDonald had a Corda, The FCA is letting Blockchain play in their sandbox, and Coinbase get their custodial party started.

We kick off with Binance eyeing a $1 billlion profit with a few discussions on why Binance is bothering to release this information now. And how with such a fragile market they may not be on top for long, with many younger companies biting at their heels. There's also a few interesting points made on how regulation may interact with crypto exchanges in the near future. We move on to Coinbase targeting insitutitional investors. There are few rumours that institutional investors have long been waiting for a custodial product in crypto that fits their needs, could this be it? We also discuss Vitalik Buterin's provocative comments on centralised exchanges and if these exchanges are even a good idea.

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This week's episode of Blockchain Insider was produced by Petrit Berisha and edited by Holly Blaxill.

Special Guests: Joon Ian Wong and Noelle Acheson.